I Played Games While on Bed Rest

I have been using a computer for as long as I can remember. At first, it was just for email, but then I started using it for my banking needs as well as research for various projects. One thing I never did use it for was to play games. It is not because I don’t like games, because I do. I just did not have time for them as I was building my career. Fast forward to a few months ago, and that is when I discovered some cool games for the first time on my computer.

I was put on bed rest because of a problematic pregnancy. I was able to do some of my work from bed, but I spent a lot of time just laying there bored. I read and watched television, but a person can only do so much of either of those. My friend suggested that I look at some online games, and she gave me the website address that she uses when she is in the mood to play a quick game of something. I had heard of a lot of the games that were on this site, but to actually play some of them was a brand new experience for me.

The last time I had played games like this was when I was a kid, and the games back then cannot even be compared with the games today. The graphics are simply out of this world, and they became quite addictive. I had my choice between strategy games, puzzle games, logic games, racing games, and so many more. There were so many that I knew I would not run out of games to play. Some were just something to do to kill some time, but I quickly got some favorites that I play now and again even today, even though I am no longer on bed rest!

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